Professional Pilot FLight Training

DWTA approaches Flight Training not from a perspective of acquiring paying individuals, but rather from the ideal of helping people achieve their goals, aspirations, and dreams, especially when they are as unique as the wish to become a pilot, both personal or professional. 

With all training conducted within an Operating FAA/DOT Certified FULL 135 Air Carrier Organization, new DWTA Team Members will be exposed not only to experiences otherwise unavailable, but also ones that will be invaluable in preparing them for their futures as Professional Helicopter Pilots.

The Chief Pilot and Head of Training is both a Professional Rotorcraft / Airplane Pilot and in addition is an FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. To the prospective student, this simply means that the training you will receive will be of the highest caliber, dedicated to your goals, and directed in a fashion aimed at the greatest gain with the most fiscal responsibility - this is our commitment to you.

Helicopter Pilot?

A "hidden" career, becoming a Professional Pilot holds an amazing journey for those willing to dedicate the time and commitment necessary to achieve it.

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DWTA is proud to NOT be a flight school. Rather, we are a FULL 135 Commercial Air Carrier who chooses to train from what we consider the right perspective, that of real world experience and philosophy..


Of all of the stumbling blocks to becoming a Professional Helicopter Pilot, the financing challenge is the greatest. Contact us for additional information regarding your options.

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